Friday, 22 January 2010

Files Integrity Verifier for ER5 (Psion)

This application enables a comprehensive report of disk (files) changes by creating a md5 snapshot of the selected folder or the whole disk.
The Verifier is a standalone module stripped out from the View+ application and is specially designed to fit smaller Psion screens like 5mx and Revo. The review (by Leo) in Epoc word format is included.


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  1. Edo, I'm interested in a software for a psion er5.

    The tricky part, I think, is that no-one seems to have written it yet!

    As you are quite possibly the World's Greatest Living Psion Software Engineer (non-retired!), perhaps, if you have a moment, you would cast an eye over the following.


    The software would run on a revo (8 and 16mb)and communicate via IR with a mobilephone. eg a s60v3 "N95 8gb"

    Its purpose would be to act as an IR keyboard & (perhaps)mouse for the mobile.

    For instance, it might (or might not) display on the revo screen the keystrokes it sends and/or any char responses it gets. It might even, one day, allow a "grid" of revo touch screen stylus taps to be mapped as "clicks" to a virtual "grid" on the mobile screen.

    Proper keybrd input might then be possible to both normal mobile applications such as browsers&emailers. And also to programs such as "dosbox" ( which at present just about allows win95 to exist on an N95 8gb).

    dosbox >>

    The psion IR keyboard concept seems to have been raised before


    And the mobile end seems to sort of already exist


    I guess I'd probably be the first (paying) customer for such a software.

    Do you have an interest?

  2. oops!

    qwerty765 at

  3. Robert, thanks for your words of praise (flattery?!?) :-)
    But I am afraid it is not enough. I have no financial interest in coding, so what is left? In fact I think I wouldn't enjoy at all writing that kind of software...
    If only it would be a "mission impossible"! But it wouldn't! Sorry...

  4. Edo, ok.

    If I can think of a way to make it more challenging, I'll come back to you!