Monday, 25 January 2010

wOpen macro for ER5 (Psion) - 1.01 released

Improved wOpen macro version 1.01 can be downloaded from the original post.
1) Macro couldn't run on the Revo. Note that this version is fixed to run only on english language Revo. I could fix it to run on other language Revo at request (mail me).
2) Macro hotkey (keystroke) works only from the System screen and if any other app is foregrounded it will not be affected. The related keystroke will be just passed over to the foregrounded application. This macro feature is the first time ever AFAIK.
Thanks to my friend OSG for letting me know about these problems. Dedicated to you Jan :-)

EDIT (27 Jan): Fixed passing macro keystroke to foregrounded app (if macro called from there and not from System screen) in case that Assistant macro application is used.

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