Sunday, 20 December 2009

View+ for Psion netBook v. 2.18 RC2

i. Added an option to remove (delete) files from zip archives.

ii. EpocSfx archive (PAC) files are fully supported (equal to ZIP archives).
When creating archive just put PAC extension instead of ZIP.
Converting ZIP to PAC and vice versa is done by simple renaming (changing extension).
Now you also get a very useful use of batch creating multiple PAC files (using Ctrl+Shift+Z) and also batch unzipping PAC files (Shift+U). Of course, you first have to select multiple archives (files).

Download from View+ forum
Announced on PsionWelt


  1. Hello,

    I am trying to get View+ 218 RC2 to work in the Emulator but am having problems with jpegmbm.opx. I have a wins version but assume that it is not the version View+ is expecting as reports that c:\system\opx\JPEGMBM.OPX does not exist before closing.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Peter,

    Please try to find an answer in this thread on PdaStreet:

    Chris Handley posted there all WINS OPX's (in 3 parts) needed to run View+ in Emulator. If it doesn't help I encourage you to ask Chris himself as he is an expert on the matter.


  3. Thanks Edo,

    Didn't help as yet- I think this is the version I already have (same file size). I have left a message with Chris- fingers crossed.

    With best wishes