Monday, 28 December 2009

AIF Builder ER5 (Psion)

This is a fully functional standalone module from View+ application (EPOC32 ER5 Psion).
It is the unique Psion util that enables you to create from the scratch the icon (AIF) file for any installed application, in case you lost the original icon or if you just want to replace it with any other icon of your liking. You can set the caption name, set if the icon will be visible from the "Extras" and also if the application will support the creation of new files. The only thing you need is your own created or chosen MBM file as a source.
The use of AIF Builder is pretty straightforward and could be seen from the next two screenshots.

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Friday, 25 December 2009

Full power to Macro5

Macro5 & EPOC OPL aficionados have a look here...
Unveiling for the first time the several useful functions (16 in all) that were hidden from the Macro5 users (contained in Macro5.opx). Written back in 2005, this small library, called Macro5+.mcx, enables you to access new exciting Macro5 features. Enjoy it ...
Кусайте локти, предатели ЗЫШЩТта! ;-))

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

As if I knew that my frozen friends (ciao, Thomas) would complain about the weather I took a photo while going to have my coffee this morning.

EPOC Image Extractor

This util will extract raw images from the following EPOC files: Agenda, Jotter, Data and Word. It is not perfect but most of time fine results will be achieved. Specific compressed images could give a bit distorted output. The images can be extracted either as Epoc picture (MBM) or Sketch images.

Thanks a lot to my friend OSG for the idea and thorough testing.

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View+ for Psion netBook v. 2.18 RC2

i. Added an option to remove (delete) files from zip archives.

ii. EpocSfx archive (PAC) files are fully supported (equal to ZIP archives).
When creating archive just put PAC extension instead of ZIP.
Converting ZIP to PAC and vice versa is done by simple renaming (changing extension).
Now you also get a very useful use of batch creating multiple PAC files (using Ctrl+Shift+Z) and also batch unzipping PAC files (Shift+U). Of course, you first have to select multiple archives (files).

Download from View+ forum
Announced on PsionWelt

Thursday, 17 December 2009

FileNote ER5 (Psion)

"Yes, it is true! One of the best applications ever written for Nokia 9300/9500 was ported to Psion ER5 machines. Edo was working hard to bring FileNote to our beloved Psion machines. I am hounoured to host this cool application on my site. Get it, it's a must for every psion enthusiast."
Omega Software Graphics

PsionWelt announcement
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