Saturday, 2 January 2010

wOpen macro for ER5 (Psion)

Yet another simple and fast openwith macro for ER5 (Psion) machines. It should be used with Macro5 or Assistant macro programs.
Install it in your Macros folder and assign a hotkey. It will pop up a window with the list of programs to run a file selected in System screen. Assigning programs to file extensions is easy. It can be done when you first time run a macro on a file and also from the macro setup window. The advantage of this macro is that you can assign several programs to the same file extension. Additionally you can change the assigned macro hotkey directly from the macro setup window without opening the macro program itself. In any macro window use the Menu key to get the menu options.
Macro Setup window can be reached from the openwith dialog or by running the macro file directly (not as a macro). Setup dialog will be also opened if no program is assigned to the selected file extension.
If selected file in system screen does not have an extension the user will be offered to select from the list of all installed programs to run with.
View more screenshots here.
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