Saturday, 13 December 2008

EpocSFX Pro

Welcome to wonderful world of archives !!!

Epoc SFX Pro v. 1.00 ©Edo
for ER5 (Psion)
Build 006 of 25.07.08

This util takes use of the following OPX libraries:

Zipenx.opx by S. Chestopalov
AldurFile / AldurDlg by G. Holden
nDirNav by Neuon

These libraries must be installed prior to running EpocSFX first time.

Archives with “.sfx” extension are self-extracting archives. If “Embed Zipenx” option is used the archive can be extracted on “clean” machine (after hard reset) - no OPX libraries required.
SFX archive can be self-extracted later by simply running it. You can transfer it to any other Psion device and run it there.
Archives with “.pac” extension are self-opening archives. When a packed document is opened from System it is first extracted and then opened with default program and, once the document has been closed, any changes are saved and repacked.
PAC archive is compatible with RMRZip and can be opened from RMRZip or renamed with “.ZIP” extension and run directly from System.

All EpocSFX handled archives (Sfx, Pac and Zip) can be converted to each other.

You can navigate the different drives by pressing the Tab key.


First select files or folders to add them to archive. Press “Add” as much times as needed.
You can select multiple folders and files from different drives. If a folder is selected, all files in subfolders will be added.
When you finish adding the files press “Pack” to create the needed archive type. To pack single file/folder just press "Pack" (Ctrl+P).
Pressing Enter on the archive will popup a dialog with options. Press Enter on any other file to open it with default program.
From the “Pack” dialog you can cancel (Cancel) the whole process and the previously added files will be dismissed.

Thanks to VKV brothers, OSG and JSH, for support, exhaustive testing and many inspiring ideas. Eventual errors and bugs are solely mine.

EpocSfx Pro v.100

Read review of the previous version on PsionWelt.

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  1. Great work Edo! Fantastic application! OSG