Sunday, 28 December 2008

FileNote S80 2.14 Release

FileNote ver. 2.14 Release
Advanced File Manager with macros/plugins and file description capabilities - for Nokia Communicator 9210(i), 9300(i) and 9500
(C)Copyright Edo

FIRST THINGS FIRST (if older version installed):
Close FileNote and copy new Macro library ("FNMAcro.lib") to \System\Opx\.

If your last installation is ver. 2.10 please run supplied updater file "FN_210to214_INI_Updater.opo" before installing Release version 2.14.
Your old INI files will be backuped.

1) Extract following files to C:\System\Apps\FileNote\ :

2) Extract "FNMacro.lib" to either C:\System\OPX\ or to D:\System\Opx\.

3) If you want to create your own macros you can extract optionally:
"FNMacro.oph" to either C:\System\OPX\ or to D:\System\Opx\.

4) Start FileNote and a new \Plugins\ folder will be created automatically:
Extract all plugin files to this folder.
Now all plugins functions are available from the FileNote menus.

5) Optionally, extract .OPL and .OPO files to C:\System\Apps\FileNote\Macros\.
Macro files are accessible via Macros panel.
Dozens of other FileNote macros can be found on the FileNote group.

Read FileNote HELP file to get around the new features and learn about all changes.
Thanks Martin for updated help files which can be found on the Filenote Yahoo group in Files\Miscellaneous\ folder.

Please post to the group your comments and report errors.

Read great zul's review in mht format (originally published on i_Symbian).

Download (free registration required):
FileNote for S80 (Nokia Communicator)


  1. Hi Edo,
    S80 and FileNote are alive and kicking;)
    Good to see you blogging.
    Happy New Year 2009

  2. Nice to hear you here :)
    Still in the air?

    Safe 2009!

  3. zul,

    Sorry I forgot to add a link to your great FileNote review on i-Symbian.
    Done now! And worth reading again ;)

  4. No worry about the link as i have not been active there due to work.
    Hope you are well.
    Yahoo has wiped out inbox including FN yahoogroups. So i have to rejoin in order to keep abreast with FN stuffs.
    Still using trusty 9500 despite repairs to the hinges (twice already) and of course i cant live without FN on commie.
    I took leave to attend Symbian Smartphone show recently. An interesting scene to watch on the progress of Symbian Foundation ecosytem in 2009.
    Perhap Kees can upadate me on Pdatotaal show 2009 and hopefully we can meet up in Amsterdam.
    Take care.
    Warmest regards.