Thursday, 10 March 2011

FileNote ER5 for Psion 1.02

... another quick update - FileNote ER5 v. 102:

- Changed menu item “MBM view” to “Picture view” to better suit new features - displaying, besides MBM picture files, Sketch and AIF files (improved).
- Added option to view EPOC Word files (menu item “Text view”) and improved  viewing OPL source files.
- Added 2 FileNote macros - Qmpiler (decompiles OPL compiled files - APP, OPO, etc) and Compactor (compacts various data files).
- few minor bug fixes.

Download from original announcement post.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

FileNote ER5 for Psion updated

FileNote ER5 for Psion updated to version 1.01 - few bug fixes.
Thanks to John to have noticed a broken download link to repository which is disfunct now. New link is available from the original FileNote ER5 announcement post.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Spotlight for EPOC

Spotlight is an Offline Search Tool which enables you to get the
files stored in Spotlight Index, instantly, as you type a query string.

There are 2 basic Spotlight window sections:
1) Query (Edit) box, where you type a search string, and
2) Files box where you browse the found files.
Go from Query box to Files box by using "Down" key.
Go back to query box using Ctrl+L, if you want to keep the results visible, or by using ESC you close the Files box. Second ESC will send Spotlight to background. Set Global hotkey so you can easily bring Spotlight forth and back.

In Query box you can edit string, select all (Ctrl+A), copy, paste, insert special char (Shift+Ctrl+C), etc...
In Files box you can manage selected file. Ctrl+G will jump to folder in System screen where the selected file is placed. Using SPACE you can Quick View various file types:
Text, OPL source, compiled OPL (OPO, APP, OPM,...), Epoc Word, MBM, AIF, Sketch and ZIP/PAC archives. Additionaly, you can get Hex view (Ctrl+H) of any file.

There are 2 basic search modes:
1) "Exclusive" - get only files which contain the search string.
2) "Inclusive" - get also files in folders whose path contains the search string.
"Inclusive" mode is automatically set when query string contains "\" or ":" sign.
Wildcards ("*","?") are allowed and for easier typing you can use SPACE instead of asterisk ("*"), like this: "opl test" instead of "opl*test".

Spotlight is extremely fast, due to special search engine, so you can safely set instant search to 1 char in "Settings", although 3-4 chars is more reasonable. It will usually take only few seconds to update Index with about 7-8 thousand files.

The idea and initial concept of this application came from my friend OSG, who, being too busy himself, pushed me brutally into another OPL adventure ;-)

Announced on: PsionWelt (German), PDAtotaal (Dutch), MyPsion (Russian)

Download Spotlight_v. 1.00

Sunday, 21 February 2010

In Development... (Abandoned)

Mac OSX users must be surely familiar with famous notes store and retrieve application, Notational Velocity.
It is an attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. The solution is by nature nonconformist.
The concept is simple, yet powerful and handy:
Have a peep into its EPOC incarnation:

Friday, 29 January 2010

FileNote S80 v. 2.15 released

FileNote S80 for Nokia Communicator released in ver. 2.15.

1) MBM files extracted/saved in FileNote can be viewed in built-in Image Viewer.

2) Added bonus: AIF files (app icon) can now be viewed in MBM Viewer (Ctrl+M).
Only AIF files that belong to OPL written applications are handled (and some of C++ origin). Only first bitmap shown.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Zip (archiving) macro?

Let's see if there could be any interest for a fast and straightforward macro (for Psion). It could pack a selected file or whole folder in System screen to ZIP archive without hassle or, if the ZIP archive is selected, it could just unpack it to the current folder.
If enough votes (just post a comment here), let say 20, is gathered I promise to publish the macro within 24 hours :-)

wOpen macro for ER5 (Psion) - 1.01 released

Improved wOpen macro version 1.01 can be downloaded from the original post.
1) Macro couldn't run on the Revo. Note that this version is fixed to run only on english language Revo. I could fix it to run on other language Revo at request (mail me).
2) Macro hotkey (keystroke) works only from the System screen and if any other app is foregrounded it will not be affected. The related keystroke will be just passed over to the foregrounded application. This macro feature is the first time ever AFAIK.
Thanks to my friend OSG for letting me know about these problems. Dedicated to you Jan :-)

EDIT (27 Jan): Fixed passing macro keystroke to foregrounded app (if macro called from there and not from System screen) in case that Assistant macro application is used.