Monday, 24 January 2011

Spotlight for EPOC

Spotlight is an Offline Search Tool which enables you to get the
files stored in Spotlight Index, instantly, as you type a query string.

There are 2 basic Spotlight window sections:
1) Query (Edit) box, where you type a search string, and
2) Files box where you browse the found files.
Go from Query box to Files box by using "Down" key.
Go back to query box using Ctrl+L, if you want to keep the results visible, or by using ESC you close the Files box. Second ESC will send Spotlight to background. Set Global hotkey so you can easily bring Spotlight forth and back.

In Query box you can edit string, select all (Ctrl+A), copy, paste, insert special char (Shift+Ctrl+C), etc...
In Files box you can manage selected file. Ctrl+G will jump to folder in System screen where the selected file is placed. Using SPACE you can Quick View various file types:
Text, OPL source, compiled OPL (OPO, APP, OPM,...), Epoc Word, MBM, AIF, Sketch and ZIP/PAC archives. Additionaly, you can get Hex view (Ctrl+H) of any file.

There are 2 basic search modes:
1) "Exclusive" - get only files which contain the search string.
2) "Inclusive" - get also files in folders whose path contains the search string.
"Inclusive" mode is automatically set when query string contains "\" or ":" sign.
Wildcards ("*","?") are allowed and for easier typing you can use SPACE instead of asterisk ("*"), like this: "opl test" instead of "opl*test".

Spotlight is extremely fast, due to special search engine, so you can safely set instant search to 1 char in "Settings", although 3-4 chars is more reasonable. It will usually take only few seconds to update Index with about 7-8 thousand files.

The idea and initial concept of this application came from my friend OSG, who, being too busy himself, pushed me brutally into another OPL adventure ;-)

Announced on: PsionWelt (German), PDAtotaal (Dutch), MyPsion (Russian)

Download Spotlight_v. 1.00


  1. This is one of the best apps ever written for psion. Edo - you pushed OPL coding to another level. Congratulations.

    Psion users, get it installed! Stop searching for files, just find 'em. This is nearly predicting what is on your mind :-)


  2. Congratulations and belated Happy New Year Edo.

    Great to see you OPLing away. This looks like a fantastic application for EPOC.

    Will you be publishing an S80 version as I still hold onto my beloved 9300i !

    Best wishes,
    Martin O'Neill

  3. Wow!!! After having it downloaded just when it was published, I completely let it lay around. Neber had any idea how fast it coukd be.
    Just this Saturday on a Psionmeeting someone pointed it out to me and I had it installed on my netBook. What a relieve! Wishing I had done this sooner. It's increadibly fast and accurate. Even when having installed 2 1Gb CF-cards.

    Can't wait for the next great App from Edo.